About Us
1st Choice of SPCC & Top Tier School Students
1st Choice of SPCC Students
Almost 50% of St. Paul’s Co-Edu Students studied at Wilston in the last 10 years.
Excellent Examination Results
SPCC Students at Wilston with 5** in DSE & Level 7 in IBDP is 10 times higher than the other candidates.
Almost ALL Students are from The Top Tier Schools
Over 10 years of teaching experience, focusing on top-tier schools exam syllabi, i.e. SPCC, SPC, QC, DGS, etc.
Why We are the Best Choice for the Elite Students?
Wilston Academic Group
Targeting SPCC Students & Other Top Tier Students
Tailor-Made Syllabi for SPCC & Other Top Tier Schools' Students
Materials are tailor-made with reference to SPCC & other Top Tier Schools' Exam Questions
General Learning Centres
Targeting Students of ALL Levels
Do Not Follow The Teaching Syllabi Of Conventional Schools
Teaching Materials Are Easier
Students come from SPCC & other Top Tier Schools.
Students with 5** in HKDSE and Level 7 in IBDP are 10 times more when compared with other Candidates
Students took courses at Wilston in the last 10 years