At Wilston, we offer tutoring services for a wide range of subjects, including Chinese, English, Mathematics, M1&2, Integrated Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Economics. Our experienced tutors are qualified to teach various subjects and can provide individualized support to help students succeed in their studies.

If a student is absent from a class, there are arrangements for make-up classes. The missed class can be made up through video conferencing --- we will provide the video recording link through WhatsApp to the student, who can participate in the make-up class within the specified timeframe.

Please note that video classes are not available for F.3 Stream 2 Mathematics course & Form 4 to Form 6 DSE Mathematics, M1&2 courses. For students in these courses, please inform the center via WhatsApp to schedule a Live Make-up Session.

For students enrolled in subjects with both Concept & Drilling Classes, please note that Concept classes have video resources available, while Drilling classes do not have videos. After an absence, students can collect the relevant drilling papers and answers. If there are any difficulties, they can ask the corresponding tutor(s) through WhatsApp.

Concept Classes are classes that focus on teaching theories of the subjects, while Drilling Classes focus on practice and exercises. When students enroll in Concept Classes, there is no additional fee required for enrolling in Drilling Classes.

We offer a trial lesson arrangement where there is no need to pay any tuition fees for the first trial lesson for regular course (NO trial lessons are provided for intensive class / private lessons). If you decide to enroll after the trial lesson, you can pay the remaining tuition fees for the cycle (including the tuition fee for the trial class) at the next lesson.

If you find that the class is not suitable for you after the trial, there is no need to pay any tuition fees.

Our courses are structured in cycles of 4 weeks each. For more details, please refer to the Calendar section on our website.

Our tutors are highly qualified and experienced professionals. They hold degrees in their respective fields and have undergone rigorous screening and training processes. Many of our tutors have teaching certifications and relevant academic backgrounds. We ensure that our tutors have the necessary expertise and passion for teaching to provide effective guidance to our students.

We maintain high standards of quality in Wilston by carefully selecting experienced and qualified tutors. Additionally, we regularly evaluate and update our teaching materials to align with the latest curriculum requirements. We also encourage open communication with parents to address any concerns or feedback.

Our classes are typically held in groups or on a one-on-one basis, depending on the student's preference and availability. We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate students' busy routines, including weekday and weekend classes. For some subjects, we also provide online tutoring options for added convenience.

  1. WhatsApp: Please contact our admin staff at 51153112 and we will message you the necessary personal details to fill in, such as the student's name, contact information, and the subject(s) to enroll.

  2. Register in person at our Main Centre (Tin Hau) during office hour.

  1. Cash payment at Main Centre (Tin Hau);

  2. Cheque payment (Payee: Wilston Academic Group Limited). Please write the following information at the back of the cheque - i) Student's name; ii) Student or Parent's Phone no; iii) Form and Subject(s) enrolled.

  3. FPS - Our company's FPS ID: 107355075 (Wilston Academic Group Limited). After transferring the tuition fee to our bank account, please photo the receipt / cap screen (with date and time of the payment shown) of the payment page and WhatsApp us at 51153112 for verification.

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