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SPCC & Top Tier School Students' 1st Choice
F.1-3, F.4-6 DSE / IBDP
F.1-3, F.4-6 DSE
F.1-3, F.4-6 DSE / IBDP
F.3, F.4-6 DSE
F.3, F.4-6 DSE / IBDP
F.3, F.4-6 DSE / IBDP
F.1-3, F.4-6 DSE / IBDP
Integrated Science (I.S.)
F.1-3, F.4-6 DSE
Students come from SPCC & other Top Tier Schools.
Students with 5** in HKDSE and Level 7 in IBDP are 10 times more when compared with other Candidates
Students took courses at Wilston in the last 10 years
Andrew Lee (SPCC 2023 DSE Graduate)

Math & Chem 5** at Wilston

5** in 5 subjects

Promoted to HKU MBBS

Outstanding Students Award Winner 2023

Wilston's Math and Chem Student (F.3-6)

The strongest reason for me to stay is Wilston's endless resources. Wilson and Bean Sir are able to incorporate important elements and topics into their notes to facilitate learning alongside question-tackling.

Verona Mak (SPCC 2023 F.6 IB Graduate)

Math (SL) Level 7

Promoted to Oxford University

Wilston's Math Student (F.4-6)

Wilston’s lessons have helped me improve my performance in maths. Apart from teaching us math concepts, drilling exercises were prepared for us to train our skills for each topic. These lessons have been very useful and ultimately helped me achieve a grade 7 in MAA.

Kristen Poon (SPCC 2023 IB Graduate)

Math (SL) Level 7

Promoted to Cambridge University

Wilston's Math Student (F.1-6)

Wilston is very well resourced with tons of drilling exercises to consolidate concepts learned after class. The teachers are also very responsive in answering my questions in both online and live lessons.

1st Choice of SPCC and other Top Tier School Students